Feb. 11th, 2012

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So, looking for a low-stress way to join a big bang? Have a fantastic idea you’re dying to write that just won’t quite stretch to 15K?

That’s where this option comes in--the mini-bang, the 5-10K alternate writing option and the big change we’re trying out this round. Here’s how it works:

You can sign up for this during author sign-ups, the same way you’d sign up for the full-length big bang; there will be a line in the form to indicate if you’ve chosen the mini option. Bear in mind, however, that WIPs will not be accepted for the mini-bang. You may sign up for a maximum of three, if you do not have a 15K sign-up; otherwise, you may write the usual two 15K fics or one 15K fic and up to two mini-bangs.

Though we don’t have an upper word count limit on the regular big bang, we are going to be capping the mini-bang at 10K; we’ll offer about a hundred words of grace, but no more. Over 10K, after all, it sort of stops being a mini! If you sign up for the regular big bang and come to the realisation that your idea won’t reach 15K, you are welcome to switch to a mini-bang, but you must do this by the first check-in and be within five hundred words of the minimum check-in word count (i.e. 5K). There will be no exceptions to this. If you began the regular big bang with a WIP and switch, you must write a minimum of 5K in addition to the original WIP. You may not switch from a mini-bang to a full 15K fic.

Art for mini-bangs will be limited to one piece, provided it is larger than a 100x100 icon. (Artists, if you don’t have time to commit to more than one piece of art, this might be a good option!)

All posting will be set for same date, so even if you’re writing the mini-bang, author-artist teams will be picking posting dates at the usual time.

If you sign up for only one mini-bang fic, some important dates to know:
May 1, 2012: withdrawal deadline
June 1, 2012: rough draft due date

If you’re signing up for two or more (or any combinations with the full 15K), you’ll be following the same calendar as usual. Reminders will of course be posted as deadlines near.

As always, questions are welcome, either here or via email.


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