May. 29th, 2012

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Just a reminder that a month really has gone by and the second check-in is upon us, along with a slew of deadlines.

Just like the first check-in, check-in #2 will be in poll format. It'll go live Friday, 1 June*--we're not entirely sure when, but you can safely assume it'll be afternoon-evening, Eastern Standard Time. The poll will remain open for four days and close Tuesday, 5 June at midnight EST. At that point, you'll have to email us if something's come up and kept you from voting.

Recommended minimum word count is, as usual, 10K, but that is not a hard requirement. If you don't have 10K, we're not disqualifying you, we just want to make sure people are still here and working. That said, if you're still at 0, dropping us a line at the check-in post to let us know you've got it all worked out will prevent us from checking in with you later.

Now, your favourite part: deadlines!

  • withdrawing from the challenge
  • changing your fandom--after this, you're stuck with your idea!
  • single mini-bang rough drafts**
As always, questions and clarifications are welcome here, at any admin post, or via email at

*Check-in will again be available on Livejournal and Dreamwidth; please select whichever service you chose for check-in #1; please do not check-in at both locations.

**You are only turning in drafts if you have one entry in the AUBB this year, and that one entry is a mini-bang. If you are writing one mini-bang and something else, don't panic, because you can ignore this.


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