Jul. 25th, 2012

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Posting date selection begins for Round 3 of AU Big Bang. As we did last year, we ask that authors and artists work together to choose their posting dates. Posting will be spread out across five weeks, beginning 8 August and running through 8 September. A maximum of three artist/author pairs may select the same date.

As a reminder, final drafts of both stories and art are due 5 August (or 7-10 days prior to your posting date, whichever comes later), though you are of course welcome to continue making adjustments until your actual posting date.

To claim a date, please respond to this post with your desired date. List your author and artists’ LJ names and email addresses in the body of the comment; if you’ve opted out of art (or would like to), all you need is the author information and a reminder that you’re forgoing/providing your own art.

Available Dates )

Regarding Posting: Your options are Livejournal, Dreamwidth, and the Archive of Our Own AUBB collection. Please let us know which venues you would prefer to use (you are welcome to use one or all three) and if you need invitations to any of the above services.


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