Aug. 5th, 2012

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A reminder that final drafts of stories and artwork are due today!!

Please, DON'T PANIC! The 7-10 day deadline still applies for anyone posting after 12 August!

On my part, apologies for not getting this up yesterday as planned. In light of that, we'll extend this an additional twelve hours for anyone who may not see this: if you are posting prior to 12 August, you have until midnight (Eastern Standard) tomorrow to send us your final drafts.

Please email your drafts to us as attachments--headers are optional as long as the basic story information hasn't changed since you sent us your rough drafts.
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A few reminders:

++In case you missed it, posting date claims are open. Even if you don't have an artist (whether your summary is unclaimed or you're doing your own or something else entirely), please choose a date, following the instructions at the top of the post.

++Regarding artists, we still have eight unclaimed summaries. If you or someone you know is still interested in or willing to do art for these lovely authors, please sign up at the artists' post and let us know which story you'd like to illustrate.

Please, signalboost this as much as you can--it's short notice but still possible!

++And the obvious administrative reminder: if we have not heard from you (check-ins, draft submission, anything) at all, please do not choose a posting date/send in a final draft without talking to us first. As per usual, we will of course make exceptions for extenuating circumstances, but if we hear nothing and simply receive a draft, we will be turning you away.

That said, our first fic is scheduled to go up in five days! Good luck, and congratulations on making it to the final stretch!


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