Aug. 27th, 2012

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Title: Chasing Memories
Author: Paranoidangel
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing(s): Ian Chesterton/Barbara Wright
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Word Count: 15,085
Beta: hhertzof, livii, reversingpolarity
Summary: When Ian and Barbara return home in a Dalek ship they're relieved to find it's the day they left. However, they soon find that a two year absence coupled with the dangers lurking around Coal Hill School means they're not going to be able to go back to their old lives that easily.

Story on Archive of our Own
Story on Dreamwidth
Story on Livejournal (it's actually too long for LJ - that entry gives you links to the story on Dreamwidth and my website, but you can still comment on the LJ entry if you prefer.)

Art by reversingpolarity
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Art for A Little Divided by susanmarier

Title: A Little Divided
Author: [ profile] tanaquific
Fandom: Jericho
Pairings: Jake/Heather, with references to Freddy/Anna, Hawkins/Darcy, Eric/April and Eric/Mary
Rating: General
Warning: Nothing beyond canon
Word Count: 29,580 words
Summary: A sequel to (Follows You) Back Home. Sent back in time, Jake Green has successfully prevented the September attacks—at the cost of his relationship with the woman he loves, Heather Lisinski. While he has been working to rebuild his life and his relationships with his family in this changed world, fate has thrown him back into Heather’s path and he has been able to rescue her for a second time. Having won her admiration, he now has the opportunity to win back her heart. As their relationship develops, however, he finds it increasingly hard not to mix up the past he shared with the Heather in that other life with the history he’s creating with the Heather in this one. How can he build a successful relationship with this Heather while concealing the truth of who he is and what he’s done?
Author's Note: Part of the Timetravel!verse being written by Scribbler ([ profile] scribblesinink) and Tanaqui ([ profile] tanaquific). Thank you to [ profile] susanmarier for creating the beautiful banner and cover art for the story. Thanks also, as always, to Scribbler ([ profile] scribblesinink) for the cheerleading and beta.
Disclaimer: These stories are based on the Junction Entertainment/Fixed Mark Productions/CBS Paramount Television series Jericho. They were written for entertainment only; the author does not profit from them nor was any infringement of copyright intended.

Story Links: on LJ - Part One (1), Part One (2), Part Two, Part Three | on Dreamwidth | on AO3 | on private archive

Link to masterposts for banner and cover art by [ profile] susanmarier: on LJ | on AO3


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