Feb. 26th, 2013

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So we've gotten a couple of e-mails to the AUBB e-mail account about this, and I want to go ahead and make a post here for all of you guys so I don't have to answer a million more e-mails from my phone. As it stands now, we are not planning on doing a round 4 in the near future. If we do a round four (and right now that's a major if, because I am computer-less and looking to start working six days a week at my job that has an hour/hour and a half commute depending on what day I'm working, and E has ongoing health issues and school/work commitments) we will make an announcement here to let you guys know. If we do round 4 we're looking at starting it in the summer.

But I'm going to be honest with you guys: last round wasn't a whole lot of fun for us. We didn't get the heaps of abuse we got in round 2, but we had a lot of people drop off the face of the earth without any warning and without letting us know which made our jobs infinitely harder. I know I personally didn't get any art for either of my fics, and that made me sad, and I know it happened to a few other people. So while we know how much fun it is for you guys, right now we're seriously weighing real life commitments to whether we want to put in the time and effort for a round four.

Thank you to everyone who did exactly what they needed to do (thus making our jobs easier), and double thanks to everyone who has sent us such positive messages about your experiences here. Hopefully we can get things a bit more settled in our lives by the summer and we can do a round four, which I know a lot of you would love. Keep an eye out on the community for any updates.


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