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Many thanks to the mods, who let me post this now after missing my original date due to IRL issues.

Title: Unexpected Song

Author: TaleWeaver

Fandom: Glee

Pairing(s): Finn/Rachel, mentions of Puck/Quinn and Will/Emma

Rating: Mature for sexual activity (Finn/Rachel) and language. This was originally meant to be R-rated, but for some reason the right mood wouldn’t come. If I ever get around to writing the sequels I had ideas for, I may go back and re-write that scene

Warning: none.

Word Count: 8,524 minus bonus features. (Mini-bang)

Disclaimer: Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, and FOX studio. Title comes from the song by Andrew Lloyd Webber, from the musical ‘Song and Dance’. I also stole a line from ‘Luck in the Shadows’ by Lynn Ffwelling. The Montecito resort and casino is from the tv show ‘Las Vegas’, but no characters will be appearing here. I just wanted a semi-familiar locale, considering the closest I’ve ever come to Vegas is Europe. Oh, and the Obie awards are the basically the same thing as the Tony awards, but they’re given to Off-Broadway (OB) or Off-off-Broadway productions, and aren’t nearly so fancy.

Spoilers: basic character backgrounds; episode specific up to 2x22, to be safe.

Summary: Broadway star Rachel Berry is taking a ‘seachange’ to perform in Las Vegas. Then her high school crush, Will Schuester, brings his glee club to Vegas for the National championships, and one of them is a particularly lovely senior named Finn Hudson.

PROMPT: originally inspired by a prompt in the Glee kinkmeme (see below) but eventually finished for the AU BigBang 2012.

A/N: I was actually trying to answer a certain prompt on the glee kink meme, but it wasn’t coming. Then I realised it was because that version of Finn and Rachel wanted me to write about how they met in the first place, instead. The original GKM prompt wanted Rachel to be a Broadway icon along the lines of Barbra Streisand, but this is a few years earlier, so she’s basically at the same level as Idina Menzel.

Read here at the AO3 community

I'd like to sent out a special thank-you and much deserved praise to my artist, seleneheart; not only did she pinch-hit for me roughly a week before the due date, but she had all her art done on time (even though I missed my original posting date for IRL reasons). You can find icons, title page and even a cover for the song listing I gave her at Acme Graphics

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Your link to your fic isn't working. You left off the f in href. Please fix it.

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It's okay. I make coding errors every once in a while too.


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