Fanfic discussion, vol 1

Sep. 19th, 2017 08:38 pm
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Yeah, I'm the loser who doesn't have a (serious) tumblr account. By serious, I mean something I manage to maintain regularly. I have created 2 accounts, one for a writing challenge for Sharkbait (ship name for Matsuoka Rin and Nanase Haruka of Free!) which I hardly touched since I created it last October of... was it 2014? Omigosh, I can't even remember. Then there's the tumblr shrine for Anzai Shintaro which I haven't touched in more than a year and a half. I've noticed most fanfic authors use tumblr as a platform to share anything fic-related.

I have this DW and LJ blog which was originally created for the purpose of using it under my fanfic pseudonym to share anything fic-related. But somewhere along the line, I began using it more as a personal journal.

Now I hope to use these blogs to post any news or updates related to fanfictions I write. Not that I think anyone would be interested, but in case readers ask for a place where they can check whether I'm still alive if I'm not updating any of my works in progress in like 6 months or so, I'll go ahead and point them here.

So what am I currently working on? Well, a lot. But life always get in the way.
1)Turbulence - I missed my posting date for [community profile] unconventionalcourtship because I haven't been able to finish the fic I'm writing. The fic is based on the Harlequin summary of Turbulent Covenant by Jessica Steele. I purposely looked for any Harlequin or Mills & Boon summary related to airline pilots because I wanted to write a story about Jinguji Ren and Hijirikawa Masato of UtaPri being pilots, inspired by the promo banner I created for the challenge and well, I created a fic banner out of it:

banner and excerpt )

2) Cardboard Bridges - working on the last chapter and eager to move on to the 3rd part of the series.

excerpt )

3) Horizon - I haven't started with the next chapter yet.

4) Bound by Destiny - I need to start on the next chapter before I forget about this. Again.

5) Within This Vast Star - I am working on the next chapter, but I aim to finish this before I start posting again. And I am planning to change the title.

excerpt )

There are others, most of which are entries for Trope Bingo round 9, but I'm too lazy to go through them now. Now that I think about it, most of my works in progress are for the UtaPri fandom. I need to write more for the others. I do follow more than 30 fandoms.


British Wildlife

Sep. 17th, 2017 11:41 pm
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One of the jobs at the moment is checking for hedgehogs/random cats before releasing the hounds into the garden......

I opened the door, and discovered the patio covered in blood and bits of something else - five minutes of poking, I discovered that the bits were the remnants of worms (I was concerned I had somehow missed the dogs up to something earlier....though how I would have missed THAT I have no idea but I honestly did not think worms bleed? I've never seen a worm bleed, but apparently, they have red blood, go figure o.o)

Apparently the hedgehog decided to massacre 18 worms on the patio, mere feet away from the unlocked cat flap......which given the crazed charge around the garden by the hounds, was at least partly witnessed by them *face palms*


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