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We have a new affiliate and their third round is starting, in case anyone is interested.

Authors @ LJ
Artists @ LJ

Authors @ DW
Artists @ DW
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The 2012 Alternate Universe Big Bang has been a wonderful success, and we owe it to every single one of you who have joined us this year. Thank you so much—we couldn't have done it without you!

Behind the cut we have the titles and summaries for the forty-four stories posted as part of this challenge. Please have a look and check out some that you might have missed!

AUBB 2012 Masterlist )
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Posting is kicking off today!

REMINDER: The community is moderated, and posts that do not contain the necessary information (e.g. links to art, sections of the template) will not be cleared. If your collaborator hasn't gotten their links to you when you're ready to post, please send us an email (aubigbang@gmail.com) and post to the queue.

Now, go read awesome fic and see awesome art!
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Posting begins tomorrow!

Again, we ask that authors and artists post solely on the date they've selected with a cohesive post to the community linking to both the story AND the art (which are preferably posted outside of the community itself). If your collaborator hasn't gotten in touch by the time you're supposed to post, talk to the mods!

For your posts, please use the following template or some variation thereof (i.e. "characters" instead of "pairings" or "content" instead of "warning").

Word Count:

[links to part 1, part 2, etc.]

[links to fanart/fanmix by {artist}]

For sake of people's f-lists, please keep images larger than 300x300px and summaries longer than 200 words behind a cut!

Alternate Locations:

Email us if you'd like an invite code to AO3, Dreamwidth, or both; or if you require posting access to Dreamwidth and do not yet have it.
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A few reminders:

++In case you missed it, posting date claims are open. Even if you don't have an artist (whether your summary is unclaimed or you're doing your own or something else entirely), please choose a date, following the instructions at the top of the post.

++Regarding artists, we still have eight unclaimed summaries. If you or someone you know is still interested in or willing to do art for these lovely authors, please sign up at the artists' post and let us know which story you'd like to illustrate.

Please, signalboost this as much as you can--it's short notice but still possible!

++And the obvious administrative reminder: if we have not heard from you (check-ins, draft submission, anything) at all, please do not choose a posting date/send in a final draft without talking to us first. As per usual, we will of course make exceptions for extenuating circumstances, but if we hear nothing and simply receive a draft, we will be turning you away.

That said, our first fic is scheduled to go up in five days! Good luck, and congratulations on making it to the final stretch!
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A reminder that final drafts of stories and artwork are due today!!

Please, DON'T PANIC! The 7-10 day deadline still applies for anyone posting after 12 August!

On my part, apologies for not getting this up yesterday as planned. In light of that, we'll extend this an additional twelve hours for anyone who may not see this: if you are posting prior to 12 August, you have until midnight (Eastern Standard) tomorrow to send us your final drafts.

Please email your drafts to us as attachments--headers are optional as long as the basic story information hasn't changed since you sent us your rough drafts.
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Posting date selection begins for Round 3 of AU Big Bang. As we did last year, we ask that authors and artists work together to choose their posting dates. Posting will be spread out across five weeks, beginning 8 August and running through 8 September. A maximum of three artist/author pairs may select the same date.

As a reminder, final drafts of both stories and art are due 5 August (or 7-10 days prior to your posting date, whichever comes later), though you are of course welcome to continue making adjustments until your actual posting date.

To claim a date, please respond to this post with your desired date. List your author and artists’ LJ names and email addresses in the body of the comment; if you’ve opted out of art (or would like to), all you need is the author information and a reminder that you’re forgoing/providing your own art.

Available Dates )

Regarding Posting: Your options are Livejournal, Dreamwidth, and the Archive of Our Own AUBB collection. Please let us know which venues you would prefer to use (you are welcome to use one or all three) and if you need invitations to any of the above services.
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Claim information has been sent out to authors and artists; as of 2240h PST, we're up-to-date with the current list. If you claimed a summary or your summary was claimed and you haven't heard from us, please let us know.

For sake of simplicity, we ask that authors please send copies of their story to their artists after working out which format works best between them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at aubigbang@gmail.com.

Thank you for all your hard work!
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All right, ladies and gents:

Your rough drafts and fic summaries were due today--or rather, yesterday, since my clock now reads 2 June. To those of you who sent them in, thank you for your punctuality; to those of you who tried to plan ahead and sent them in early, thank you, as well. To those of you who enquired about extensions in advance, thanks go to you for preparing, too.

If, for whatever reason, you did not send us your information today, you have until 9pm (Pacific Standard Time)/midnight (Eastern Standard Time) to get it to us. You do not need to explain, but be aware that anything that comes in at 9:01pm PST will get a response of, "I'm sorry, but you have passed the deadline." These dates have been up for months, and we posted a reminder a week in advance, so there is going to be very little flexibility, and please be aware that failing to turn in a rough draft is one of the things that lands you on the ban list. All our usual caveats on extenuating circumstances apply.

Artists, please note that a preview post of summaries will be available by the 3rd! You will not be able to place a claim until the 5th, but you'll be able to browse what will be up for grabs. Please let us know if you have any questions!
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As a reminder, rough drafts and story summaries are due via email Sunday, 1 July! Technically, the cutoff will be midnight (Eastern Standard), but really that means whenever one of us next gets on the computer.

If you had only one entry this round, and that entry was a mini-bang, we should already have your draft; you need only fill out the form below in your email.

If you had a full-length entry, or more than one entry, please include your draft as an attachment1 and fill out the form below in your email.

For your summary, please include in your email (to aubigbang@gmail.com):
++Email address
++Title (let us know if it’s just tentative)
++Short description (250 words or fewer)
++Warnings, if applicable

For those of you with other commitments on the first, early submissions are welcome. If you need to make other arrangements for any reason, please talk to us before the deadline.

Confirmation emails should be sent out by midnight (Eastern Standard) on 2 July; if you haven't heard from us by then, please double-check that your email didn't get swallowed whole by the internet.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

1Attachment formats accepted: .doc/docx, .odt (Open Office), .txt, and .rtf. If none of these work for you, we'll accept drafts via Google Docs/Google Drive, as well. At last resort, we will accept drafts pasted into the body of your email (assuming it fits!).
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So these are the final fandoms that I need to look for artists for. Any one with a number next to it means there's more than one author writing for that fandom:

List behind a cut )

If anything is off please let me know.
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Hi guys, an update for you.

Check-in information has been processed, all drafts have been noted, and all questions have been addressed (but if we missed you, please let us know). The poll closed nearly a full day after it was scheduled to, and because of the extra time we're no longer accepting check-ins or drafts via email. If you had a genuine emergency/RL situation crop up during the check-in period, please email us.

Please remember that missing the withdrawal date disqualifies you from participation in all future rounds of this challenge; for single mini-bang writers, failing to turn in a rough draft earns you the same. All of this was outlined earlier in this post.

The next closest dates of importance are:

1 July: rough drafts and fic summaries for all other authors are due; for mini-bang writers who have already turned in their drafts, you will be turning in your fic summaries alone
5 July: artist claims begin

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.
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So just to change one bit of my co-mod's note, please PM [livejournal.com profile] scandalbaby if you need me. I'm phasing out using my [livejournal.com profile] afteriwake account and am on this one more often, so you'll get a faster response.

Since we had a flurry of people changing fandoms right before the deadline ad not everyone used the form and I don't have all the e-mails, I'm doing another poll. Everyone needs to fill this out by June 15th if you are expecting art. I apologize that we didn't include it with the check-in poll again but I took a look at the fandom change post and walked away more confused.

ETA: If you haven't checked in, or asked my co-mod a question about check-in and haven't gotten a response, please don't answer this poll until you hear back from one of us.

[Poll #1845630]
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It's been brought to our attention that we neglected to let you know how to turn in your rough drafts; our apologies! But no worries--as long as you get it to us before the check-in poll closes on Tuesday, you'll be in the clear.

If you're an author with only one entry in this round, and that entry happens to be a mini-bang, your rough draft is due to us via email by midnight (Eastern Standard Time) 5 June 2012. Please include your username in your email.

If you’ve already sent in your rough draft, thank you; if you haven’t received confirmation by tomorrow, please let us know.
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Welcome to the second author check-in for [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang!

This is mostly to make sure that you're still with us and writing. No worries if you don't have 10K, and no worries if you've already blown that number away. Everyone has their own method and pace of writing. If you did not check in at the first poll in May, however, please do not submit your vote here.

The poll will close on Tuesday, 5 June at midnight (Eastern Standard Time)

[Poll #1844287]

Comments to this post are screened. Feel free to add any additional information you think we might need--this includes, but is not limited to:
  • The fact that you've finished! Please lend the rest of us some of your productivity!
  • The fact that you feel a little behind (ballpark this at under 3,000 words)--if you've got other projects/write late in the game/etc. The encouragement will keep coming!
  • Anything else you think is relevant to your fic at this stage.

Again, a reminder that this is your deadline to:
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I'm in charge of the fandoms lists and the switching, and I need to ask you guys to do me a huge favor. If you are switching fandoms, DO NOT e-mail the AUBB e-mail unless it involves you checking in. We have a fandom switching post here and it really makes it a lot easier for me if you fill out the form on that page and submit it there. Thank you.
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Just a reminder that a month really has gone by and the second check-in is upon us, along with a slew of deadlines.

Just like the first check-in, check-in #2 will be in poll format. It'll go live Friday, 1 June*--we're not entirely sure when, but you can safely assume it'll be afternoon-evening, Eastern Standard Time. The poll will remain open for four days and close Tuesday, 5 June at midnight EST. At that point, you'll have to email us if something's come up and kept you from voting.

Recommended minimum word count is, as usual, 10K, but that is not a hard requirement. If you don't have 10K, we're not disqualifying you, we just want to make sure people are still here and working. That said, if you're still at 0, dropping us a line at the check-in post to let us know you've got it all worked out will prevent us from checking in with you later.

Now, your favourite part: deadlines!

  • withdrawing from the challenge
  • changing your fandom--after this, you're stuck with your idea!
  • single mini-bang rough drafts**
As always, questions and clarifications are welcome here, at any admin post, or via email at aubigbang@gmail.com.

*Check-in will again be available on Livejournal and Dreamwidth; please select whichever service you chose for check-in #1; please do not check-in at both locations.

**You are only turning in drafts if you have one entry in the AUBB this year, and that one entry is a mini-bang. If you are writing one mini-bang and something else, don't panic, because you can ignore this.
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So, my lovely co-mod has sent me a list of the fandoms we are having this round, and I'm sharing it so I can get more places to advertise. We are considering this the definitive list of fandoms for this round, since most everyone has made their decisions; however, if there are changes please let me know as soon as possible. Also, if you are doing Doctor Who please tell me which Doctor (I know the two Wholock crossovers because they're mine).

The fandoms... )

Now, just so I know what to ask for, I have a poll for both artists and betas. Unlike the other poll the results are open for both of us mods to read (I can't see a single answer on the other poll, so this should fix that pesky problem). It is not mandatory to answer but it would help me out a lot so I encourage you to do it.

[Poll #1840342]
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Just a reminder that the first check-in is closed!!!

It took us a while to get all the data collated and all the comments answered--that was all me, not my co-mod, and my apologies for that; I had some real-life things that had to take precedence--but that also means there has been ample time for last-minute check-ins. Therefore, the following two things are of note:
  • If we do not have your vote in the poll, have not received an email, and did not have prearranged plans for a delay, we are assuming you're no longer interested in participating and marking you down as withdrawn.
  • Please note that missing the check-in disqualifies you from further participation as an author, though you are welcome to continue in any other capacity for which you've signed up (e.g. artist, beta, etc.).
For those of you who have not checked in due to justifiable reasons--which is to say some variation of "personal emergency"; "I forgot" won't quite sail at this point--please send us an email ASAP.

With the haranguing done, it needs to be said that our sincere thanks goes to everyone who got their check-in information to us. If you put your vote in the poll, you are good to go; if your co-writer put your vote in the poll, you are good to go. If you're unsure or confused or simply can't remember if you got it in or not, feel free to drop us a line and double check.

Now, put 1 June, 2012 on your calendars! This is the:
  • second check-in (10K suggested word count)
  • withdrawal deadline
  • fandom change deadline
  • if you are only writing one mini-bang, the rough draft due date
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Welcome to the first author check-in for [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang! There are a couple new questions this round, so please read carefully.

This is mostly to make sure that you're still with us and writing. No worries if you don't have 5K, and no worries if you've already blown that number away. Everyone has their own method and pace of writing.

The poll will close on Saturday, 5 May at midnight (Eastern Standard Time)

[Poll #1837462]

Comments to this post are screened. Feel free to add any additional information you think we might need--this includes, but is not limited to:
  • The fact that you've finished! Please lend the rest of us some of your productivity!
  • The fact that you feel a little behind (ballpark this at under 1,000 words)--if you've got other projects/write late in the game/etc. The encouragement will keep coming!
  • Anything else you think is relevant to your fic at this stage.

Again, a reminder:

MINI-BANG WRITERS: If you're writing only one mini-bang, this is your withdrawal deadline!

BIG BANG WRITERS: If you're writing a regular big bang and have been contemplating dropping to a mini, this is your deadline!


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