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2012 Masterlist

The 2012 Alternate Universe Big Bang has been a wonderful success, and we owe it to every single one of you who have joined us this year. Thank you so much—we couldn't have done it without you!

Behind the cut we have the titles and summaries for the forty-four stories posted as part of this challenge. Please have a look and check out some that you might have missed!

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, by [ profile] sashataakheru [RPS: The Move/Wizzard | FRM | Ace Kefford/Trevor Burton, Roy Wood/Rick Price, Carl Wayne/Rick Price/Roy Wood/Bev Bevan/Ace Kefford/Trevor Burton]
As an incarnate Archangel, Azriel, the Archangel of Death, is not at all used to living a human life. The body xe's been born into is weak and struggles with the presence of the Archangel's soul. Wracked with madness, Azriel does xyr best to survive in a world xe barely understands, chasing Domspace in bondage clubs as a way of coping. Watched over by Lucifer and Rafa'el, they try to guide Azriel to where xe's meant to be, hoping the Archangel will have the courage to do what's being asked of xem.

Scion of Two Worlds, by [ profile] sarhea [InuYasha/Star Trek (2009) | FRM | Kagome Higurashi/nu!Spock]
The aftermath of the Final Battle does not go as expected. Kagome is trapped within the Shikon and Sesshoumaru is her reluctant caretaker. In an attempt to break the curse he gives the Shikon to a young Spock who grows up under the care of a compassionate and accepting Kagome. When the Narada comes calling the Enterprise has allies.

Trapped in the Village, by [ profile] merryghoul; art by [ profile] hollymarchosias [Torchwood | FRM | Toshiko Sato, Suzie Costello, Jack Harkness, Milton, OCs]
Was the memory of Tosh being imprisoned in "Fragments" a truth, or was it a fabrication? In 2009, after Torchwood Three's headquarters was blown up, a draft of a report written by Tosh stated she was kidnapped by a "Milton" and imprisoned in a Welsh village for over a year. The story of how she escaped this village and eventually joined Torchwood is as astonishing as Tosh's short life and career with Torchwood.

In Spite of Everything, by [ profile] bananahater336; art by [ profile] evian_fork [Merlin | FRM | Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Elyan, Merlin/Gwaine, Merlin/Percy, Lance/Gwen]
Arthur has rejected his father's way of life so that he can become his own person. With no money and few friends, he moves in with Morgana's friend Merlin, who is cheerful and sweet and attentive, and with whom Arthur easily finds himself falling in love. Merlin seems equally smitten, but seems to have his own ideas about what a relationship is and should mean, and Arthur struggles to balance wanting to be with Merlin and wanting to live his life as he has always dreamed.

Tameness of a Wolf, by [ profile] elyss_blair [Numb3rs | FRAO | Charlie/Ian]
Wolfshifter AU. With a newly formed pack that hasn't quite found its way, Don needs all the help he can get stopping a serial killer before he can strike again. Charlie has always been a wolf in academic in wolf's clothing stranded between a world of logic and math and one of instinct. Ian is happy to be a lone wolf, his unusual circumstances made him perfect for his solitary job and unwelcome by most alpha and packs.

When they come together to stop a rogue shifter hell-bent on destroying as many lives as possible, each will end up re-evaluating their place with pack, wolf and each other.

Daylight, by [ profile] traintracks777; art by [ profile] lonewined [Harry Potter | FRAO | Sirus Black/Harry Potter, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley]
What if Sirius Black didn’t die? What if Harry saved him from going through the Veil?

Common Goals: The Three Rockerteers, by [ profile] eldiablito_sf & [ profile] zoi_no_miko; art by [ profile] speak_me_fair [Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers | FRAO | Athos/Aramis, d’Artagnan/Constance, past Athos/Milady, Porthos/Everything]
The young d’Artagnan, yearning to become a rock star, joins the ranks of the world famous band, Common Goals. The band’s members, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, are inseparable friends who most likely live by the motto "all for debauchery, and debauchery for all." But their rock’n’roll paradise is being threatened by a nefarious ex-wife and an ex-bandmate with a grudge who are doing everything in their power to bring down the band. Can these rockers pull off the most Epic Concert of All Time, and also find love along the way? Read this amazing fic to find out.

As If a Map Was Given, by [ profile] an_ardent_rain; art by [ profile] evian_fork [Supernatural | FRT | Gen]
Castiel is the Righteous Man, and the angels sent down to find him are two brothers who call themselves Sam and Dean. But these two angels aren't too happy with what's going on in heaven, and instead of helping the apocalypse along, they want to stop it. Castiel has to throw away everything he thought he knew about angels and God, and discover that sometimes things aren't meant to be - that there's no order or plan.

baby i got your number and i know you got mine, by [ profile] applepips16; art by [ profile] dwg [The Avengers/Thor | FRT | Darcy Lewis/Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton; Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov]
Clint Barton thinks he knows how exactly to woo a girl like Darcy Lewis. Captain America keeps letting him know he doesn't. Darcy meanwhile, has her own plans.Office! AU

Phoenix Hours, by musyc; art by [ profile] applepips16 [Harry Potter | FRM | Gen]
Draco Malfoy, newly promoted in the Dark Lord's organization, is once again given a mission he is expected to fail. Determined to prove himself, to survive at any price, he soon learns the true cost of his circumstances.

Dance with the Devil, by [ profile] lizibabes; art by [ profile] qafmaniac [RPS: Adam Lambert | FRAO | Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff]
When werecats from the same pack start going missing with out a trace Isaac Carpenter, FBI agent with the supernatural is called into investigate. Adam the leader of the were's is sceptical about Isaac being able to help. But Isaac doesn't come alone. He brings his work partner. Tommy Joe Ratliff, a psychic who works for the FBI tracking down serial killers and missing people. Can Adam learn to trust outsiders enough to let them help? Can he win over the icy psychic? But something sinister lurks in the woods and the were pack are not the only ones in danger.

an angel without wings, by [ profile] cashay; art by [ profile] seleneheart [Supernatural | FRM | Adam/Gabriel]
When his ex-lover Gabriel shows up on Adam's doorstep claiming to be pregnant, Adam has to put aside personal feelings to help out the angel. But Adam's past is still haunting him and Gabriel has secrets of his own, will they be able to mend what is broken and create a future for themself and their baby?

About a Girl, by [ profile] mcgarrygirl78; art by [ profile] jadaryl [Criminal Minds | FRT | Emily Prentiss/Ian Doyle, David Rossi/Erin Strauss, Elizabeth Prentiss/Tom Barton]
Emily Prentiss planned to take a huge bite out of the Big Apple.

War and Love, by snowynight; art by [ profile] maggiebloome [Marvel Comics | FRC | Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew, Wanda Maximoff/Janet van Dyne]
When the humanity is struck by an alien invasion, the hope of the world lies on teenagers who step into their mechas to fight off the enemies, but the dangers lies not only to the body, but also to the heart.

gaze into the abyss (and survive this viper’s nest), by [ profile] jadehunter; art by [ profile] scandalbaby [Torchwood | FRT | Gen]
"Everything you've ever dreaded was under your bed but told yourself couldn't be by the light of day... They're all real.” Supernatural!AU. There are no such things as aliens, but everything else is fair game. This is how it starts.

Murder the Dawn, by [ profile] ladyhadhafang; art by [ profile] numberthescars [Star Wars | FRT | Obi-Wan/Satine, Anakin/Padme]
Obi-Wan Kenobi is supposedly the perfect Knight. Padme Amidala is a Dark Jedi dreaming of a better galaxy. And Anakin Skywalker is the Chosen One, destined to bring balance to the Force. When their paths collide, the consequences have far-reaching effects not only for themselves, but the galaxy.

all the weirdos in the world (become friends at Harvard), by [ profile] kisforkurama; art by [ profile] skyearth85 [The Avengers/The Social Network | FRM | pre-Peter “Eduardo Saverin” Parker/Mark Zuckerberg]
At 10, Peter Parker is a little angry at the world because his adoptive guardians have died and he's been freshly adopted by the Avengers, public relations disaster. At 15, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes Spiderman. At 18, Peter Parker is about to go to college when it's decided that being Peter Parker is really conspicuous and he becomes Eduardo Saverin. At 20, Peter Parker is outed as not actually being Eduardo Saverin and has to go save the world.

Sometimes, he wishes his life were a little more normal.

Primary Season, by [ profile] velocitygrass; art by [ profile] kay_greatness [Stargate Atlantis | FRAO | John Sheppard/Rodney McKay]
Governor John Sheppard is widower and aspiring presidential candidate. Rodney McKay is his new communications manager. With Rodney's help, John's campaign manages to close the distance to the favorite to win, Cameron Mitchell. However, with the nomination and a likely general election win within reach, John has to realize that his feelings for Rodney could be the one issue that can still stop him.

Gringotts Partnership, by [ profile] sarhea; art by [ profile] hamimifk [Harry Potter/Naruto | FRM | Hermione Granger/Minato Namikaze]
Hermione never imagined the doors opened to her when she accepted a job as a Gringotts ward-creator. When she receives an opportunity to study she cannot pass up on it and is introduced to a young jounin Minato Namikaze. This changes everything.

Cry ‘Havoc’: All Honorable Men, by [ profile] tea_diva; art by [ profile] kymericl [Generation Kill | FRT | Nate Fick/Brad Colbert]
In Paris, France, Nate Fick is called back into work at four a.m. two hours after he just left it. In Langley, Virginia, Joe Dowdy's morning, which had been looking promising, does a complete 180'. Sixty miles off the coast of Marseilles, Jean-Paul Lefebvre pulls three bullets and one mystery out of the body of a stranger. Each of these events, in each of these locations has a single cause, but Brad Colbert doesn't know that. Yet.

angels in the architecture, by [ profile] zihna; art by [ profile] slowsunrise [Sherlock (BBC)/Supernatural | FRM | John Watson/Sherlock Holmes]
John Watson is human. Humans are fragile. Breakable. Impossibly strong, too, in ways that anything that's not human can barely understand. John is human and so he is loyal. He has faith. But he has doubts, too, and courage. Anger and sorrow. Hatred, and love enough to spare.

John Watson is human. Sherlock Holmes is not.

Chasing Memories, by [ profile] paranoidangel42; art by reversingpolarity [Doctor Who | FRC | Ian Chesterton/Barbara Wright]
When Ian and Barbara return home in a Dalek ship they're relieved to find it's the day they left. However, they soon find that a two year absence coupled with the dangers lurking around Coal Hill School means they're not going to be able to go back to their old lives that easily.

A Little Divided, by [ profile] tanaquific; art by [ profile] susanmarier [Jericho | FRC | Jake Green/Heather Lisinski]
A sequel to (Follows You) Back Home. Sent back in time, Jake Green has successfully prevented the September attacks—at the cost of his relationship with the woman he loves, Heather Lisinski. While he has been working to rebuild his life and his relationships with his family in this changed world, fate has thrown him back into Heather’s path and he has been able to rescue her for a second time. Having won her admiration, he now has the opportunity to win back her heart. As their relationship develops, however, he finds it increasingly hard not to mix up the past he shared with the Heather in that other life with the history he’s creating with the Heather in this one. How can he build a successful relationship with this Heather while concealing the truth of who he is and what he’s done?

A New Dawn, by [ profile] catw00man and [ profile] zippitgood; art by [ profile] onaxe [Fullmetal Alchemist | FRT | Gen]
An impromptu "assignment" to Xerxes reveals Maria Ross' true fate and leaves Ed seething with humiliation and anger. He returns to Central, determined to confront Mustang for the insult, but instead finds him in the hospital with another homunculi attack looming overhead. Can he and Roy learn to work together or will their differences continue to divide them?

Apocalypse, Please, by [ profile] sparrowshellcat; art by [ profile] pauli [The Avengers/Supernatural | FRM | Tony/Steve, Clint/Natasha]
Tony Stark had gone to Afghanistan to see a miracle.

According to the official story, he'd died in a cave in the desert, hit by shrapnel from his own bomb. Only a few scattered people know that Tony found his miracle, and finds himself burdened once again with his father's legacy - Howard Stark was a hunter of monsters. Only things can never just be simple for any Stark, so he finds himself hunting alongside a man that you wouldn't really like when he's angry, and a relic of an era long gone. At least he has the owners of the Hawk's Nest and a man named Nick Fury to turn to for advice.

Oh, and an angel named Thor thinks that he's supposed to avert the Apocalypse. Naturally.

Unseemly Acts, Unsuitable for Princesses, by [ profile] gamma_x_orionis; art by [ profile] alley_skywalker [Harry Potter | FRAO | Bellatrix Lestrange/Voldemort]
Lord Voldemort is visiting the court of the king, and the three princesses - Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa - are warned to stay away from him. Bellatrix chooses not to.

All That Love, All Those Mistakes, by [ profile] unavoidedcrisis; art by [ profile] king_stitch [Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes | FRAO | Clint Barton/Steve Rogers; implied Steve/others, Thor/others]
After a life on the street and now a job at a run down community centre, Clint classifies himself as a hard-and-fast pessimist. Until he gets the stuffing knocked out of him by a local street gang and suddenly his life is like a bad rom-com, complete with the boy with the smile that makes his knees weak, the ever-helpful matchmaking best friend, gratuitous Abraham Lincoln, and one or more cracked ribs. Okay, maybe he's still a pessimist...

Sorry, Wrong Number, by [ profile] omg_wtf_yeah; art by [ profile] mella68 [Stargate Atlantis | FRAO | John Sheppard/Rodney McKay]
When John, an IT guy, mistakenly answers a client's phone at the Dream Boys phone sex hotline, he isn't expecting the things coming out of Rodney's mouth to turn him on like they do. But since they do, maybe Rodney doesn't need to know that John doesn't technically work there if it means Rodney keeps it up.

To Settle Matters, Once and for All, by [ profile] scandalbaby; art by [ profile] trickster88 [Doctor Who/Sherlock | FRC | Sherlock Holmes/Amelia Pond, Rory Williams/Molly Hooper, Mickey Smith/Martha Jones]
After Amelia's brainwashed ex tries to break into 221B Baker St, Sherlock realizes that the threat to his family wasn't quite as taken care of as he thought. With the help of the Doctor and some friends he deals with the Silence once and for all.

Burgundy, by [ profile] clover71; art by [ profile] xsilverdreamsx [The Avengers | FRAO | Steve Rogers/Tony Stark]
Tony's life had always been governed by his father and his clan and when he found himself entangled in an illicit affair with the cruise ship captain, Steve Rogers, the psychological tug-of-war between making his own choices or grasping on the choices made for him began.

Lifeline, by [ profile] gryvon; art by [ profile] clover71 [Naruto | FRAO | Kakashi/Iruka]
Iruka's never known a life outside of the Scarlet Lantern until enemies of Kakashi kidnap him to use as leverage against the powerful jounin. Unfortunately for them, Iruka isn't as powerless as he thinks he is.

The Imperial Menace, by [ profile] elizabeth_hoot; art by [ profile] sweetestremedy [Star Wars | FRT | Gen; allusions to Han/Leia, Han/Luke, canonical Luke/Leia]
The war rages on, taking Lucy, Han, Leia, and Vader from Yavin to Cloud City.

The Tumbler’s Fall, by [ profile] unavoidedcrisis; art by [ profile] hollymarchosias [Leverage | FRT | Sophie/Parker]
Stripped of name and rank, the former Queen Sophie takes up with a band of brigands and miscreant thieves aboard an airship, The Tumbler's Fall. Captained by a strange young girl and crewed by the oddest assortment of people Sophie could imagine, the plan is to ship out for lands unknown and treasures undreamed of. Things aboard The Tumbler's Fall don't always go according to plan, it turns out...

For Man Is a Giddy Thing, by [ profile] an_ardent_rain; art by [ profile] pyalgroundblz [Dragon Age 2 | FRM | Hawke/Anders]
It's very hard, Anders realizes, not to like Garrett Hawke, but he's determined to do it. It's just that meeting his friends, tutoring his sister, and spending more and more time with Hawke makes this increasingly difficult. And when he realizes that Hawke is interested in a little more than just being friends, well. Anders gets tired of resisting pretty quick.

Tomorrow’s Holding on to Another Day, by [ profile] kissontheneck & [ profile] rajkumari905; art by [ profile] mandraco [RPF: American Idol Season 7 | FRT | David Cook/David Archuleta]
David Cook is a B-list rockstar with an attitude problem. When he arrives in Murray (or as he privately thinks of it, Middle of Nowhere, Utah) to perform for the Winter Festival, not even David Archuleta, the cute festival coordinator can make him enjoy it. When he gets stuck in a time loop and is forced to relive the same day in Murray over and over, he think it's the worst thing that could have ever happened to him. But what he doesn't realize is that it just might be exactly what he needs.

Warlord of Glacia, by [ profile] queenmidalah; art by [ profile] evian_fork [Black Jewels | FRT | Morton/Wilhelmina Benedict]
A tangled web is changed when a certain Warlord takes matters into his own hands; he finds himself fighting for his life instead of embracing death. He also finds love, but could lose it by a few careless words.

, by [ profile] clover71; art by [ profile] cindala & [ profile] clover71 [Harry Potter | FRM | Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter]
Harry's world is shaken when he meets one of the last winged human-like creatures known as Aves Keburis or Falkryd, unmindful that the creature is a prince and has chosen Harry to be his human companion.

The Sons of War, by [ profile] smaragdbird [Stargate Atlantis | FRT | Evan Lorne/Radek Zelenka, David Parrish/Laura Cadman]
It's the roaring twenties and rising painter Evan Lorne seems to have finally steady work as he meets the renowned Czech scientist Radek Zelenka on a party. But falling in love is not Evan's only problem because the society he frequents is rife with drama and sex and stained by the memories of the Great War. But the decade is drawing to an end and as everything unravels and his life is once more uncertain Evan has to make a live-changing decision.

Discord and Rhyme, by [ profile] rajkumari905; art by [ profile] solarbaby614 [RPF: American Idol Season 7 | FRT | David Cook/David Archuleta]
Werewolf!AU. David Archuleta is just a regular guy trying to deal with his jerk of a roommate and get straight A's in college. But when he's attacked on the road in the middle of the night, his problems abruptly get a whole lot bigger. Suddenly, he's the newest member of David Cook's ragtag pack of werewolves, and he's struggling to get used to the idea of being able to smell how people feel, and casual cuddling all the time, not to mention, oh yeah, turning into a wolf. Just when he's starting to find his place in the pack, he begins to develop feelings for his Alpha which threaten to turn everything upside down once more.

Unexpected Song, by [ profile] nessataleweaver; art by [ profile] seleneheart [Glee | FRM | Finn Hudson/Rachel Berry, Noah Puckerman/Quinn Fabray, Will Scheuster/Emma Pillsbury]
Broadway star Rachel Berry is taking a ‘seachange’ to perform in Las Vegas. Then her high school crush, Will Schuester, brings his glee club to Vegas for the National championships, and one of them is a particularly lovely senior named Finn Hudson.

It’s the world you have to live in, by [ profile] smaragdbird [Primeval | FRM | Becker/Ethan, Ethan/OMC]
16 years ago Patrick Quinn and his friend Matt were stranded on the wrong side of an anomaly and were shortly separated as well afterwards. When chance brings Ethan Dobrowski back to the present he joins the ARC to wait for Danny's return, to reenact his revenge on the brother who he believes abandoned him.

Matt, having returned after being stranded in a desolate, dystopian future filled with monsters, has returned as well to prevent said future from ever happening by any means necessary.

As Ethan becomes more and more drawn to Becker he begins to question his decisions and Matt's as well but all that holds them in the ARC is a closely spun net of lies that would unravel as soon as one of them would tell the truth. But time draws near and in the face of the looming extinction on most life on earth and his personal feelings Ethan will have to make a decision.

Soul Bonded, by [ profile] cydsa; art by [ profile] xsilverdreamsx [RPF: CW | FRAO | Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki]
Having an unrequited crush on the heir to the Fae throne isn't the smartest thing Jared's ever done. But when the King of the Unseelie finds a gap in wall between their worlds, Jared saves Jensen and sets off a chain reaction that ends up with Jared in the Queen's chamber in Seelie, unable to explain why he can't stop touching Jensen without passing out. And suddenly it looks like Jensen is seeing Jared in a whole new light.

buying a stairway to heaven, by [ profile] zihna; art by [ profile] jungle_ride [The Avengers | FRM | Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov, Bruce Banner/Tony Stark, past-Steve Rogers/Tony Stark]
They may not want to save the earth (if you ask Ramiel--seriously, they're not going to call him Thor--they should just let it rot, who gives a damn about the little planet anyway), but you can be damn sure they'll avenge it.
Or, Clint Barton finds a girl in the woods and finds out he's actually a fallen angel. Who would've guessed, right?

Switch: A Force That Gives Us Meaning, by [ profile] overlithe [Avatar: the Last Airbender | FRT | Gen]
Fire Nation!Katara AU. At four, she found out she was the only firebender in her family. By ten, she was the most advanced bender in her whole class. Now that she is fourteen, she is sure that the coming school test is the last hurdle before she can finally serve her country and her Fire Lord. After all, hers is the greatest nation in the world… isn’t it?

Switch: Stone Heart, by [ profile] overlithe; art by [ profile] theadaze [Avatar: the Last Airbender | FRM | Gen]
Earth Kingdom!Azula AU. Ba Sing Se falls in a hail of fire when she is thirteen, and the Lady Zula escapes with her brother and mother. Zula swears retribution… but before she can have her vengeance, she has to stay alive in a war-torn land. Very, very loosely based on the Snow White fairy tale.

An Introduction to the Woman, by [ profile] scandalbaby; art by [ profile] trickster88 [Doctor Who/Sherlock | FRC | Sherlock Holmes/Amelia Pond, Jack Harkness/Irene Adler]
Mycroft insists on Sherlock working a case involving Irene Adler, the infamous dominatrix known as The Woman. Irene is full of surprises, but Sherlock has a few of his own, and at the end of the case there are changes in store for Irene and a surprising revelation for certain members of the Holmes family.

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